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Game Instructions

This game has been designed for people of all ages, if you watch our introduction video Harry will fill you in on the purpose of the game.

We hope that it's going to be both entertaining and educational

Please note that throughout the game we have included the sound voices of characters - these sounds might not be available if you are playing this game on an older browser or a mobile device.

Can I go into churches?

Churches are usually open except in services and ceremonies. Please respect other's privacy and do not disturb them.

Otherwise if a church is open you can go in. Do remember churches are places of worship and to treat them and anyone else using them with respect.

About Us

Working with the university of Exeter RAMM has secured REACT Higher Education Innovation Funding (HEIF) for a partnership to connect the museum's collections from Dartmoor with their original locations and modern communities through digital media.

To find out more about the project please visit our parent website:


With special thanks to the team at The RAMM especially: Rick Lawrence, Thomas Cadbury, Helen Burbage, Kate Squires

Thanks to Gabriella Giannachi and the Team at Exeter University

Design and Development work carried out by the team at 1010 Media

Jenny and Suzanne at for supplying the image of the Harry Hems costume

And of course Harry Hems!